Don & Becky will retire from active farming

passing the torch

Becky and I are retiring from active vegetable growing at the end of this season.  We’ve been farming since 1971.  It’s with a degree of sadness, because we’ve tried for the better part of ten years to find someone to take over the vegetable part of the operation.  Nothing has worked out. 

As you know, Maria has launched her hard cider business and will continue producing apples.  She plans on selling both the fermented apple products—hard cider and beverages--as well as selling apples in a fruit and sweet cider CSA next year.  (Let us/her know if you are interested in signing up)  Don will certainly be helping in whatever way is needed. 

We are very sorry to leave so many of you while in the middle of the COVID pandemic, when it is particularly important to trust where your food is coming from and how.  We are working to find other local organic growers to recommend, who can serve you in a similar way to the way we have.  We’ll pass on contact information to you and them. 

It’s hard to understate how grateful we are to you, our customers.  Many of you have been with us purchasing our veggies nearly from the beginning.  You’ve supported us at farmers’ markets, buying our tomatoes and lettuces at coops and stores, and perhaps even (unknown to you) consumed them in restaurants, hospitals, or school systems. Your children have grown up eating these locally grown fruits and veggies. 

We are so glad to have made your acquaintance and found common cause for the care of our earth, the care of our bodies through conscientiously produced foods, and the care of our region and community through local farming. 

We thank you for your many notes of support and appreciation over the years.  We have an entire collection of these which remind us of you all.  We treasure your responses.  We thank you for your patience as I’ve learned how to communicate and share stories of what’s going on at the farm, and attempted to share a farmer’s joys, thoughts, and apprehensions.  We thank you for accommodating to every manner of unusual vegetable we’ve tried and every manner of presentation.  Especially for accepting all those less than perfect items. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed all the recipes as much as we’ve enjoyed sharing our fare with you.  

A special note of thanks to all our stop hosts, without whom we never could have served so many in the ‘burgh. 

We will continue to live on the farm, plant more trees with Maria, and to enjoy even more (and perhaps add to) all the flowers Becky has planted all over the farm.  For now the land will largely rest, though Don has ideas of introducing perennial grain to some of it.  The first fruits of a 50 year breeding project by Wes Jackson are just being released for production.  We feel this might be a valuable contribution to the future of the land to propagate grain which doesn’t require annual tillage.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

Don & Becky Kretschmann