Grass Fed Beef

Great Healthy Beef from our Neighbors

We have long referred subscribers to our immediate neighbors, the Lewises, for their fully grass fed beef.  We eat their beef ourselves.  It's lean, and delicious.  


Late fall 2018, they have sampler packs (1/24th of a steer) weighing 12-18 pounds @$10/lb.--typically $150 range.  Each comes with 3-4 steaks (about 4# total), 1-2 roasts (2-5# total), 4# ground beef, and 1 package of stew meat.  

This is a great option for small families, individuals, or to give as a gift. 

The labels for packs which are available now, are shown with photos of livestock.  You can see exactly what's in the specific package.  Request by letter or dollar amount. First come, first served