Kretschmann Family Organic Farm take on CSA

What CSA means to us

CSA—Community Supported Agriculture. We take seriously and fully the community aspect of CSA.  We play that forward and backward.  We feel our agriculture sponsors or supports the community as well--thus creating an ASC, Agriculture Supported Community.  For us, it’s never just about taking from either the community or the earth.   

Our vocation is to provide the community with food.  In doing this, we always see as part of our mission the health and well-being of our human community.  This is accomplished several ways: providing varied organically grown nutrient dense produce; providing information about health benefits and ways of cooking these foods so as to make them attractive and pleasurable to eat.  In addition to feeding the body, we feel it’s critically important to feed the soul by farming in a manner so as to promote aesthetic and psychological pleasure to our neighbors.


Another community our agriculture supports is the wider living ecological community of our farm and our region.  We take organic in that wide definition of a whole whose parts are mutually related.  Our farm is all about encouraging life.  We nurture and complement natural processes bringing the earth’s minerals to life--from the billions of simple microscopic forms of life, to the higher soil creepers, worms,... plants, insects, and animals. 


We are compelled as well to plan for and support the local community which comes after us—our children and grandchildren.  As much as humanly possible, we are trying to leave our spot of Western Pennsylvania in better condition than previously—soils with greater variety of life, more organic matter, better drained, of better tilth, more productive generally.  We try to leave a legacy of permanent plantings for the next generation. 


In as much as the community surely supports our agriculture, that same community makes it possible for that agriculture to support those in peril of not having access to such nutritious local foods.  Together with all members of our CSA we make it possible for the vulnerable to access high quality fresh food even when they couldn’t otherwise afford it.  If you feel you can't access organic produce, contact us and we will make that possible.  

Community Supported Agriculture + Agriculture Supported Community= Abundant Life