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Bumper Crop of Organic Apples via weekly CSA subscription

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

After zero apples last year, it's been the year of all years for our orchard--great bloom, pollination, and the trees are just loaded. Biggest problem is the limbs are straining to the breaking point! Every variety is a bumper crop.

Get 3lb. each week as we cycle through the many selections of our organic apples. Fresh sweet cider will begin the first week of September as well. Pickup will be on Sundays at the Squirrel Hill Farmers Market 9-1, Fridays at the Northside Farmers Market 3-7, Franklin Ave. in Wilkinsburg, or at the farm Fridays or Saturdays.

You can start at any time. Signup with this google form.

A $20 deposit for the CSA is requested. This will be applied to the apples and cider.

After signup write a check to:

After the Fall Cider

257 Zeigler Road

Rochester, PA 15074

OR pay deposit online via this link

The apple lineup in order of first to last in the season.


Late July-Early August. Yellow, very juicy. Absolute best pie apple out there. Juicy!


Early August right after Pristines. Red tip bearer. Amazingly sweet for an early apple.


Big loads of red apples. Similar to Summer Rambo. Mid- August. Somewhat tart complex flavor.


Our main season apple for decades. Purplish color with crisp white sweet/tart flesh. End of August-September. Similar to a McIntosh. Tastes like an apple should!

Crimson Crisp

Red as the name suggests! Sweet subacid goodness comes in late early September


Mid-September-October. Tip bearing takeoff on Jonathan. Sweet and deep red with yellowish flesh. Some think these make the best applesauce--with reddish tinge. Bears tremendous loads.


Last apple to mature—mid to late November. Incredible, complex flavor. Highest brix (sugar) yet brings so much flavor along with it! Our favorite. Will store until spring.

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